Beccles Society - Executive Committee

Meet The Committee

The Beccles Society is a registered charity whose executive committee is confirmed at the Annual General Meeting. Currently, the Executive Committee and support roles are undertaken by the members listed here.

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Vacant Chairman

Paul Gurbitt

Vice Chairman


Vacant Minutes Secretary

Muriel Gurbutt

Honorary Secretary


Jeff Harris Treasurer

Jeff Harris

Membership Secretary

Ray Poll

Publicity Officer

Clare Mackney

John Sayer Committee Member

John Sayer

Richard Bellefontaine Committee Member

Richard Bellefontaine

David Lindley Committee Member

David Lindley

Julia Harris Committee Member

Julia Harris

Terry Goodwin Committee Member

Terry Goodwin

Chris Scott Committee Member

Chris Scott

Martin Bell OBE President

Martin Bell OBE

Bob Aris Planning Sub Committee

Bob Aris

Vacant Planning Sub Committee


Clare Mackney Planning Sub Committee

Clare Mackney

Richard Bellefontaine Planning Sub Committee

Richard Bellefontaine